Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Suggestions: Happy Birthday, Elvis

In case you're in the mood for some more Celluloid Girl over the weekend, I decided to start Suggestion Fridays.  Each week, before the weekend starts, I'll give you a few ideas of things to watch on TV or such, to wet your movie whistle. So today, we honor Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Today would have been Elvis' 75th birthday.  And TCM is celebrating all day today with an Elvis marathon.  Sure, most of his movies have the same plot - boy needs money for boat, race, whatever, but falls for the girl, causing distraction and light-hearted chaos to ensue, with a bit of spontaneous singing thrown in here and there.  But each is still a delight to watch, due to just that fact.  There's no complicated plot twists, no downers that can't be fixed.  Just good ol' fashioned fun. 

"Viva Las Vegas" is my favorite because you get the added pleasure of Ann-Margret AND Vegas.  Who wouldn't want to spend time in Vegas with those two?!  But if you can't catch that tonight, try to catch any of the other 10 Elvis showings today. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and I'll be back Monday with a new film to discuss.

(Post-tidbit: From the time they met to the day he died, Elvis always sent Ann-Margret a room-full of flowers whenever she opened up a show in Vegas.)

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